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Santa Fe From Behind The Camera

Santa Fe From Behind The Camera

Do you ever turn a corner and see something new? Santa Fe from behind the camera is all about what I often see next. This climbing natural wonder caught my eye as I rounded a corner behind Rio Chama on my early morning walk. The restaurant was still asleep and the parking lot empty as I took a walk downtown near our round State Capitol. This gentle Wisteria vine now with leaves wide awake and gently leaning against an adobe wall whispered “make my picture” and tell my story. Many of you may know this perennial climbing vine. It has traveled and taken root in many communities in America. What you may not know is its roots are native to China. How and when its seeds arrived in Santa Fe might just be another story. If you love Santa Fe, just bookmark my blog and stay tuned to what I see next.

Posted on June 15, 2013 at 2:44 am by Emily Medvec

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