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  • Community Events

    Saturday Evening Meditation

    Santa Fe Meditation Meetup

    What to expect: Classes are held in a studio. There is ample parking near the entrance to Suite 503A. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to remove your shoes. You will have the option to sit on a cushion on the floor, or a chair. We will...

    Karaoke at Tiny's !

    Santa Fe Karaoke Social 20s and 30s

    Karaoke at Tiny's! Starts at 8:30 but I will be there at 8:00 to get a table because sometimes it's quite full.

    Chamisa Trail Walk, Sunday April 21st, . Meet at Monica Lucero Park at 8:30am

    Aspen Wellness Walkers

    Hello Walkers, Happy Easter and Passover! We're going to go ahead and walk in the morning which should leave everyone plenty of time for other events if you have any. This Sunday we'll walk on the Chamisa Trail. Check out the full schedule...

  • When Life Meets Coyote

    Over the past several days I have received several emails and phone calls from many of you in my virtual yet real  online office. THANK YOU! The question has been the same. Where are you? The good news I am still in Santa Fe. The rest of the story is all about a coyote. Given Realtors […]


    Santa Fe Real Estate: FAQ Endangered Neighbors!

    Relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico can be an opportunity to connect with blue skies, clean air and an occasional endangered species. This was my experience this morning. Although this young creature is endangered, she is not dangerous. In fact, although she looks like a relative of the dinosaur age, she was moving in today as […]


    Santa Fe Real Estate: FAQ On Green Homes

    A new trend in Santa Fe real estate today is all about making existing homes more green and building green homes. What is a green home? In general, a green home is environmental friendly in its design and energy efficient in its use of natural resources. A green home begins with the intention of reducing a […]


    Santa Fe Real Estate: FAQ Park Plaza Subdivision

    The Park Plaza subdivision in Santa Fe, NM is another example of the wide range of Santa Fe real estate home opportunities available beyond our Historic Plaza.If you are wondering where to begin your Santa Fe lifestyle, Park Plazas must be on your list if you want to live in-town in a covenant enhanced community […]


    Santa Fe From Behind The Camera

    Do you ever turn a corner and see something new? Santa Fe from behind the camera is all about what I often see next. This climbing natural wonder caught my eye as I rounded a corner behind Rio Chama on my early morning walk. The restaurant was still asleep and the parking lot empty as […]


    Santa Fe Real Estate FAQ: Why Blue Doors?

    Why are Santa Fe doors often blue? Santa Fe style pueblo homes appear to blend quietly into the high desert mountain landscape as if unfolding from the earth. Given these natural earth tones and our days of blue sky, it is not surprising blue appears on the doors and windows of homes and often on wooden […]


    Santa Fe In Black And White …

    Do you ever wonder what Santa Fe may have looked like before color film was a new hot technology? Today, I did and decided to let my imagination rule. The image is all about what happened when I stopped to look at a wagon. This one is no longer transporting goods and people along the Old […]