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Santa Fe Real Estate: FAQ Endangered Neighbors!

endangered horned toad lizard

Relocating to Santa Fe, New Mexico can be an opportunity to connect with blue skies, clean air and an occasional endangered species. This was my experience this morning. Although this young creature is endangered, she is not dangerous. In fact, although she looks like a relative of the dinosaur age, she was moving in today as a tenant on my land. We exchanged glances this morning when I was watering a wild mountain mahogany bush just at sunrise while she was busy eating a breakfast of tiny ants. She must have know I had my iphone and paused long enough for me to make this image and tell you her story.

She is a Horned Toad and sometimes called a Horned Frog. However, she is not a toad or frog. She is amazingly smart lizard who was looking for a safe haven to continue growing up. Nearly every year, her many great great grandmothers have returned to this same mountain mahogany bush to begin the next generation. I have been fortunate to share the land with them. I hope they continue to come back every year and they can make into the next century and beyond. If you see one, smile and thank them for letting you cross their path. What ever you do, let them live free. They have much wisdom in their ability to survive on the planet for some many centuries.

For more information on this endangered species, click here. I turned this story into an FAQ because today many Santa Feans come from somewhere else. Hopefully, they will protect these gentle creatures who may be living as an endangered neighbor with them on their land in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

If you are ready to live in our 402 year old community and possibly share your land with this endangered species of Horned Toad, contact us for experienced professional help and information about our Santa Fe Real Estate market. If you want to search for current homes, condos, land and ranches on the market, go to the easy map or this page or list search of current properties on the market. Or if you know Santa Fe is on your radar and you want to experience our Santa Fe lifestyle everyday, call Emily Medvec at 505-660-4541 to arrange for a brief phone consultation on current market trends and to schedule showings in advance of your visit.

Posted on December 10, 2013 at 10:50 am by Emily Medvec

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