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Santa Fe Real Estate: FAQ Gem? Fixer? Get A Home Inspection!

Get A Home Inspection

Buyers, how do you know your fixer is not a diamond in the rough or your gem is not a fixer? The appearance of a home can be deceiving especially if you are relocating from outside of Santa Fe. Why? Santa Fe is known as the City Different and in many ways our housing fits the same category. Our roofs are flat. Some of our homes in the Historic Districts are made of mud. Although our climate is in the high desert, mold and termites manage to survive and enjoy our clean air, 7500 feet above sea level altitude and more sunshine than rain. We have all four seasons and sometimes pipes freeze, wood rots, roofs leak, wiring may still be aluminum and home foundations settle. Many homes were built before 1978 and lead paint is still possible to find along with radon.

This is why it is beyond important not to trust your own eyes or mine or buy it just from looking at the pictures online! Although I help people buy and sell fixer-uppers to luxury homes, I am not a home inspector. In fact, the home inspection industry is still emerging in all of New Mexico as our home inspectors are not licensed by the state and virtually anyone can be one. Yes, it is 2013, but this is the reality.

Home Inspection Checklist

Posted on December 21, 2013 at 11:09 am by Emily Medvec

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