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Santa Fe Real Estate: FAQ On Green Homes

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A new trend in Santa Fe real estate today is all about making existing homes more green and building green homes. What is a green home? In general, a green home is environmental friendly in its design and energy efficient in its use of natural resources. A green home begins with the intention of reducing a home’s impact on our environment and on our health.

Homes in America now are responsible for 22% of the total energy consumption as well as 21% of total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. By taking advantage of passive solar construction, green building technologies, built with local materials, photovoltaic renewable energy systems, environmental friendly or xeriscape landscaping to reduce water use and green renovation improvements; your home’s use of energy can make in reducing the carbon footprint.

Like any new concept, the key to understanding and implementing the change is often all in the words. Here are some common ones connected to green homes.

  • Carbon Footprint is the total amount of carbon dioxido (CO2) producted that supports and sustains human activity,
  • Energy Star is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) consumer program which endorses products from all kinds of appliances and other products that use energy with an Energy Star (blue) logo,
  • Gray Water is the waste wash water we create every day in our bathroom sinks, showers, kitchens, washing machines where only biodegradable soaps are uses. When this water is recycled we reduce the demand of fresh water,
  • LEED is the green building rating system for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The rating system is designed by the US Green Building Council and
  • Xeriscaping is a water conversation form of landscaping using drought tolerant plants, shrubs, trees and ground cover.

For more information on the City of Santa Fe’s new green building code updated in January 2012 for residential homes, click here.

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