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Santa Fe Real Estate FAQ: Why Blue Doors?

Santa Fe Real Estate FAQ: Why Blue Doors?

Why are Santa Fe doors often blue? Santa Fe style pueblo homes appear to blend quietly into the high desert mountain landscape as if unfolding from the earth. Given these natural earth tones and our days of blue sky, it is not surprising blue appears on the doors and windows of homes and often on wooden gates and fences. In Santa Fe’s downtown and older neighborhoods, blue rules. What’s the story?

Being the City Different, we have lots of different explanations as to why a range of blue colors is beyond popular. The most common story is that blue stops the evil spirits from entering your home. These ideas most likely came from the early settlers and their Spanish traditions. The other stories connect the color to Our Lady of Guadalupe who appeared to the faithful Mexican Indian, Juan Diego in the 1500 hundreds wrapped in a blue robe. And then there is the evidence and tradition found in history. The Palace of Governors built in the 1600 hundreds as the seat of Spain’s government still hasa blue door entry. Of course, then there are the more spiritual stories claiming a deep spiritual connection to the blue sky. In fact, nearly everyone has a different reason.

For most Santa Feans, the blue door today is simply a sign of welcome to our home and the land of enchantment. For me, our blue doors are inspiring, peaceful and make me smile, especially when I look up and see our endless blue sky.

Now if our blue doors are what you see yourself opening to your next home, contact us for experienced professional help and information about our Santa Fe Real Estate market. If you want to search for current homes, condos, land and ranches on the market, click here for a easy map or list search of current properties on the market. Or if you know Santa Fe is on your radar and you are ready to talk Santa Fe everyday, call Emily Medvec at 505-660-4541 to arrange for a brief phone consultation on current market trends and to schedule showings in advance of your visit.

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