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Santa Fe In Black And White …

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Do you ever wonder what Santa Fe may have looked like before color film was a new hot technology? Today, I did and decided to let my imagination rule. The image is all about what happened when I stopped to look at a wagon. This one is no longer transporting goods and people along the Old Santa Fe Trail. Today, it is more a home to bright colorful flowers.
You will to use your imagination to see their color.

I wondered what the wagon may have looked like in a black and white western movie.And then it got me thinking about how we see. How did we see reality before color film and color movies, color television and color ad campaigns? Did the black and white images make us see differently when everything in real life was in color? Would the pioneers have ventured along the Santa Fe Trail if they had seen a color ad campaign? Unfortunately, they are gone.

Only the pioneers of today can answer this next question.

Does this black and white image of an old pioneer wagon make you want to visit Santa Fe today? What’s your take on Santa Fe in black and white?

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Posted on May 15, 2013 at 2:55 am by Emily Medvec

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