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Santa Fe Rabbits and Birds … Another Birdseed Mystery

Santa Fee Rabbits and Birds

Every morning before sunrise I return my birdfeeder back to its post and food source for the birds and yes… rabbits and so many other surprises. I bring the feeder in at night to make sure any of the wandering bears passing by down from the mountain do not stop at my home. You see my bird feeder has become the center for activity beyond the birds for my local wildlife park. Perhaps the birds are on twitter tweeting about it which brings so many others as soon as the feeder is back.. In the past month, one of the visiting ground squirrels have learned to climb the pinon tree; three deer have discovered how to use their tongues to twist the feeder and enjoy a feast of seeds. Fortunately their birdfeeder manners border on sloppy and there is tons of food left on the ground for the rabbits.

A young bobcat has passed by several times only to watch the birds. The deer often take an afternoon nap in the shade of the pinon pines and juniper trees around my home. The coyotes and rabbits fortunately keep missing each other at birdfeeder central. They pass through my arroyo and let me know they are there with a howl every now and then. It appears like the bobcat, birdseed is not a treat for them. The bear tracks I see in the arroyo remind me to retrieve the feeder at dusk. I now go to sleep wondering if the rabbits I see every morning hopping happily from their homes to feast on what the finches drop on their heads will one day grow wings.

Take the time to feed the birds. The birds have so many life lessons to give and stories for us tell each other.

Santa Fe Bird Symphony

Posted on December 14, 2013 at 10:24 am by Emily Medvec

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