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When Life Meets Coyote

Over the past several days I have received several emails and phone calls from many of you in my virtual yet real  online office. THANK YOU! The question has been the same. Where are you? The good news I am still in Santa Fe. The rest of the story is all about a coyote.

When Life Meets CoyoteGiven Realtors are still humans, life happens and sometimes it changes everything including blogging on and driving. I suspect you may be beginning to connect the dots. Imagine driving on a dirt road in Santa Fe NM when all of sudden a coyote decides to cross the road without looking both ways. This is what happened to me. Fortunately for the coyote, I hit my brakes. Unfortuantely, my car fish tailed on the wash board dirt road and proceeded to head over the edge of a relatively steep embankment. Fortunately, a rock stopped the car on the edge and I did not roll over and I am AOK as is the coyote.

My car is in the shop for a couple of weeks and eventually it too will be aok. The other lesson of this story is all about car insurance. For some reason, insurance companies (mine included) strongly encouraged me to hit an animal rather than avoid hitting one. Given I did not hit the coyote (or any other animal for that matter), the insurance companies automatically assume I lost control of my car. In their eyes, I made the wrong move by braking to avoid killing an animal and possibly myself.

Now in my eyes, I did the right thing. In the process, the coyote and his or her spirit gave me a gift of life in return. I did not roll over the edge and down the embankment. I was not injured. And in the end my car will recover. What’s your take? What do you do when an animal crosses your path?

Posted on December 11, 2013 at 10:26 am by Emily Medvec

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